Water main break in McLean County disrupts service in Sacramento


SACRAMENTO, Ky. (WEHT) – A break on an aging water main line leads to no water service and a boil advisory in a McLean County town.

A six-inch line burst overnight along Highway 85 in Sacramento, leaving residents without water for several hours.

The heavy machinery was out for much of the morning near the intersection of highways 85 and 81, where the break happened. The sound of repairs followed the sounds of phone calls overnight.

“We got all kind of calls,” said Randy Sallee of Sacramento Water Works.

“Got a phone call at 5:45 AM this morning this city, my wife got her call first and I got my call 5-10 seconds after that,” recalled Kevin Brantley, who lives near where the break happened.

Sallee says the water service disruption happened because of a four foot break on a six-inch main line. He estimates the main line that broke was 60 to 70 years old, and has broken before.

“I’ve been here going on three years, and this is the third one we’ve had on a six mile stretch,” said Sallee.

It disrupted water service for more than 800 customers, and morning routines.

“We thought, maybe, we’d get enough to take a shower, but apparently, there was only a little dribble coming through and a lot of air in there,” Brantley said.

Water service returned just after 10:30 AM. Sallee said having the water main line below Highway 85 complicated repairs.

“Being that it was under the road, that is what made it hard, so we actually had to dig down as much as we could and shovel out underneath the road,” he recalled.

Water samples are being sent to the state for testing. Sacramento city officials say they want to speed up the process to replace the water main line in the town.

(This story was originally published on May 25, 2021)

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