Wednesday’s weather caused problems for the last day of practice at the United Leasing and Finance Championship at Victoria National.

The tournament actually starts on Thursday, but the rain now forcing players to change how they’ll approach the course.

“Just one of those things you have to manage,” said Adam Long.

The skies far from clear Wednesday morning, but it cleared golfers off of Victoria National.

“You get a little restless sitting in one spot,” said Long, “so move from the locker room to the dining room to standing around making a few phone calls. Talking to this group of people, that group of people.”

For players like Adam Long, the rain gives them less time to practice on the course. It also makes the course play softer, cutting down on a ball’s bounce and roll.

“It hits then it stops,” said Long. “Your yardage is more precise and you don’t have to play away from the holes as much. When you’re planning for some rollout whether its out on the greens or on the fairways, you can hit to an exact number and be a little more precise.”

“Until this morning,” said Kyle Callahan, “we were right where we wanted to be and where we needed to be. But it’s mother nature, you just deal with it and keep going.”

Kyle Callahan of Victoria National says they continuously imiprove drainage during the off-season, adding spots where water collects on course.

“We’ve been continually putting in drainage in every year,” said Callahan. “You see these kinds of rains and what not, you look at it, you find new wet spots, start seeing water running. That’s your place in the winter time to put more drainage in.”

Long says Wednesday’s delay isn’t as problematic as it would be this weekend.

“As the tournament goes on and these delays happen during the tournament,” said Long, “that’s when it really becomes tough.”

Callahan says this week’s rain still wasn’t as bad as it was in 2013.