Weather could be impacting cicadas


(WEHT) – Some of you may be wondering where are the cicadas?

We have been talking about them for weeks, but not very many people have seen or heard them.

So we went to the experts to find out. Officials at Wesselman Woods say cicadas rely on environmental cues to come out of their burrows. They say the drier and colder weather in May has most likely lead to the delay.

“Cicadas live off of tree roots. And the tree roots are the ones sucking up the moisture,” said Cindy Fuentes, Director of Natural Resources & Research at Wesselman Woods. “So if there is no rain, it may be delaying their environmental cues.”

And while we haven’t seen that many here, officials at Wesselman Woods say they have been spotted in other parts of the country like Bloomington, Cincinnati and in parts of Tennessee.

Officials say they might come out this weekend since there has been a lot of rain, but if not it could take a couple more weeks.

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