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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – The new LST wartime museum off of Riverside, Chris Donahue joins us and the guests can come through this way.

(Chris Donahue)
“Yes you come in through the best view there and of course we are only 10 feet from the riverwalk that’s what you call it and they come in here of course you get your tickets to go on the ship right here. starting here were basically in the gift shop and that marks over into here too. we are walking into the gift shop and over wander through pass the wall over there that would be more of the museum in here you will have more of your artifacts and a lot of other things. Pardon our mess obviously we are in the middle of our process here of things but so yeah you are in the museum part the main museum part and you can see we can see the traffic that is coming by here every minute. you know we don’t get many what they get they get in ten minutes what we get in three months now.”

(Noah Alatza)
So Chris, how do you think this new location is going to help with you guys in the future?”

(Chris Donahue)
“It can do nothing but go up and once we get through this pandemic, we’ll have a really good idea but we’re expecting great things. I’ll leave it like that and as we go over this way of course you’re still in the gift shop but what I’m really proud of is this panoramic window here. You’re coming around here while you’re waiting on your tour, you’re looking out at the shipyard over there and there will be a big mural on this wall over there that one of our guys is painting and it’s going to be a depiction of the shipyard and probably some p-47, stuff that Evansville did during the war. So there will be some history over here on the wall and then you can look out there and see the real thing. It might require us pointing out to people what’s what and the mead Johnson or whatever it’s called now would be toward the other end of the shipyard. That’s what I really like about it this view.”

(Noah Alatza)
Obviously the LST ship going to be moving up here to its primary dock June 13 but still you don’t understand when potentially this gift shop will open?

(Chris Donahue)
We were talking about the 14 but it requires Tropicana being open too and their parking garage so that part’s up in the air.

(Noah Alatza)
It’s still unclear when the new LST 325 Museum will open, the historic ship is expected to moved downtown on June 13th.

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(This story was originally published on May 24, 2020)

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