Webster County Constable Awaits Arraignment

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A Webster County Constable, arrested again last week, scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow.

Dennis Shelton was charged with two counts of first degree sexual abuse for allegedly attacking a woman while traveling between Henderson and Sebree.

The new charges come more than a year after he was arrested last Fall on sexual abuse and indecent exposure charges from separate incidents.”

“I was shocked that he was charged again,” says Melanie Clayton of Clay.

Kentucky State Police say the alleged incident happened last month while shelton was taking a woman from Henderson to a relative’s home in Sebree.  The accuser told authorities it started in Henderson County, and continued through Webster County.

“I don’t think anybody is happy about this. I don’t talk to a lot of people because I work a lot, but I know I’ve heard a few people talk about it, and they all think he should be out of office,” Clayton says.

Last year, Shelton was charged for at least three separate incidents, including allegedly exposing himself to two women and touching one inappropriately.  Despite the charges, he cannot be forced to resign unless he’s convicted of a felony. Some residents believe he should voluntarily step down while the cases go through the courts.

“You would think he would instead of being out on office. I would want to resign instead of having the embarrassment of being put out, if he’s guilty. He may not be guilty, but if he is guilty,” says Karen Frederick of Dixon.

Zac Greenwell, the Commonwealth Attorney for Webster County, says he’s unsure if the new charges will have any effect on the other charges Shelton faces. Shelton’s scheduled to go to trial on those charges next January.

Judge Executive Steve Henry declined to comment on the newest charges. We reached out to Shelton’s attorney, but our calls weren’t returned.

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