PROVIDENCE, Ky. (WEHT) – A Tri-State family tells us a teenage boy is back home after his disappearance.

The family of 16-year old Graham Watson of Providence previously told us they hadn’t seen or heard from him since Tuesday. Watson’s mother told us he needed to come home so he can go to rehab. She told us he has a history of drug abuse.

Brittany-Tosh Badger, Watson’s mother, said, “He said he wanted to go to rehab because he wanted to get help. So we found a brand new facility for him to go to. Yes, he was ready to go. He told all of his friends bye and that he wanted to go get help, even that night I picked him up he had spoken to some friends that were actually with him that night and that he said he was telling he was going to rehab just like he did his friends that I dropped him off down the road, they dropped him back off he was ready to go, he had contaced everybody he knew to go get help, he wanted help.”

Watson’s mother believed he may have been abducted. She told us there was a $500 reward for bringing her son home safe. The Webster County Sheriff’s Office was involved in the case. Anyone with information was asked to reach out to the family or to authorities.