HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Pioneer Plastics, based in Dixon, has been named Pizza Hut’s STAR Award recipient for Overall Supplier of the Year, as well as Equipment/Smallwares Supplier of the Year for 2022.

Officials say this marks the first time Pioneer has received the Overall Supplier of the Year award and the fifth time receiving Equipment/Smallwares Supplier of the Year award.

A news release says in 2022, Pizza Hut aimed to make long-lasting improvements in back-of-house operations across 5,400 US restaurants, with a focus on the preparation and handling of their Hand Tossed dough.

Pioneer Plastics says several designs were submitted by suppliers, with Pioneer’s dough bin “rising to the top.” Officials say the bin design aimed to address several issues for Pizza Hut by reducing dough preparation time, space needed for storage in walk-in coolers and the number of dishes used daily while making dough storage more robust.

Scott Mestan, Sr. Ops Manager for Pizza Hut says, “This company and its dedicated employees kept the production running nonstop through the holidays, two significant snowstorms, and an arctic blast that has not been seen in years. Their dedication to this project led to over 137,000 custom bulk dough bins being produced on time and in-full.”

Pioneer Plastics is a family-owned injection molding company located at 1584 US-41 ALT. According to Datanyz, there are 57 employees.