SEBREE, Ky. (WEHT) – A Webster County bank now has a new face.

What was formerly Sebree Deposit Bank has now become Sonata Bank, a Nashville-based banking institution.

The Sebree location’s website states, “As Sonata Bank, we will continue to serve you and the Sebree community just as we have since our doors opened in 1890.”

Before the rebranding, the bank was family-owned since 1890. Sources tell us the son the family had planned to pass the bank down to passed away in a wreck some years before, and the family couldn’t find any other relatives who were interested. The family got older and didn’t know who else to give the bank over to, but back in 2021 the family discovered Sonata Bank.

Dan Dellinger, CEO of Sonata Bank, tells us that the family who owned the bank didn’t want to sell it off, as they still wanted to be involved with and keep the local bank. Dellinger says while the family still has control of the Sebree branch, they had to change the name from Sebree Deposit Bank to Sonata Bank.

Dellinger tells us the family still owns the bank, and they are still in control of the institution, and any other changes will only be made if the regulators say so.