DAWSON SPRINGS, Ky. (WEHT) Today’s winter weather came nearly a month after tornadoes hit several western Kentucky counties, covering them with several inches of snow.

Hopkins, Muhlenberg and Ohio, all impacted last month, were under a winter storm warning today.

Since last month’s tornado, people in towns like Dawson Springs that were in that tornado’s path, have had to deal with the recovery and the rebuilding. Now, because of the snow from today’s winter storm, some people in towns like this wonder if Mother Nature can deal them a better hand, and deal them some better weather.

“I was like, ‘Oh man, we had a tornado a couple of weeks ago, and now we got snow,'” said Jacob Renfro of Dawson Springs.

The snow was being cleared off of Dawson Springs roads and parking lots, but it froze some of the debris removal effort in town. Yet other contractors and cleanup crews kept going. Some residents say heating service is being restored around town, while some volunteers brought in heaters.

“A lot of places got heat back because the gas lines, they cut them. Couldn’t turn the gas on because there was major damage,” said Brent Menser of Dawson Springs.

“We’re staying warm. We’re staying with family right now. We lost our house in the tornado. It’s bad. Our house got destroyed,” added Renfro.

Some volunteer groups like World Compassion Network, who arrived in Dawson Springs last week, changed focus to serving warm meals to residents, since the weather made it hard to help in the neighborhoods.

“A lot of times you can’t go out into the neighborhoods and do cleanup work because that’s just hazardous walking around the debris and the mud and the wet. So, a lot of times the volunteer activity gets shut down,” explained Greg Rauen of World Compassion Network.

Despite the less than warm reception this winter weather is getting from some residents, it beats what they went through about a month ago.

“I’d rather have this than the tornado,” said Robert Sherman of Dawson Springs. “Because I love snow.”

“I would take an ice storm any day before I take another tornado,” added Menser.

(This story was originally published on January 6, 2022)