What parents should know before their child gets COVID-19 vaccine


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Some Tri-State hospitals are already seeing more vaccination sign-ups after the eligibility officially expanded today. But what should parents know before they get their child their first vaccine dose?

As more Tri-Staters got vaccinated, doctors at Ascension St. Vincent say more are signing up to get theirs.

“We’ve seen our appointments today already double,” said Dr. Heidi Dunniway, Regional Chief Medical Officer at Ascension St. Vincent. “People schedule online, so people already are seeing that skyrocket. As soon as they opened it up to 12 and up.”

She says appointments at their clinic doubled today as those as young as 12 become eligible across the region. The CDC says it opens vaccinations to another 17 million people, which can lead to a quicker return to school and other events.

“This gives us the opportunity to maintain in-person learning, which I think is very critical for the kids, for their education, as well as socially. It also allows us to open further up for sporting events and get togethers,” Dr. Dunniway said.

She adds studies show kids can get mild symptoms after their first or second dose, similar to what adults experienced.

“What they saw in the study was most people experienced soreness when they receive the vaccine, which is typical. Kids can also run a little fever, have some achiness or some fatigue afterwards, typically mild symptoms,” Dr. Dunniway explained.

Parents should schedule their child’s vaccination so where they don’t potentially miss schools days or activities.

“Planning the shot accordingly for when they’re out of school the next day or have a day where they don’t have sporting events or activities, may be a wise thing for parents to look at,” she says.

(This story was originally published on May 13, 2021)

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