HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Anyone planning to walk down the aisle this year should have at least $20,000 dollars in the bank. That is according to a recent survey from the wedding planning site The Knot.

The results show wedding expenses are back to pre-pandemic prices, as the average wedding now costs around $30,000. This includes the cost of the venue, band, photgrapher, florist, and food.

The average cost of a wedding in Kentucky, according to the study, is $20,000. That is $10,000 under the national average. The state with the highest average cost is, for the 5th year in a row, New Jersey, with a $51,000 price tag. Illinois’s average cost is $37,000, while Indiana isn’t far behind with a $23,000 average.

Bridal companies in the Tristate say Kentucky’s average is closer to $25,000 for both the venue and the celebration, which is slightly more than The Knot’s findings. Illinois says the average cost is likely around $37,000, agreeing with The Knot. Bridal companies in Indiana agree with how The Knot’s findings were close to $23,000 for the overall event.

The study can be viewed here.