Where Are They On That Project: Madisonville road construction


MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) Some of the busiest roads in Madisonville are, or will be, undergoing major changes.

Construction continues on a stretch of Highway 41A, also known as Nebo Road, while planning begins for improvements to parts of North Main Street.

An average of more than 11,000 vehicles use this stretch of Highway 41A each day.

“It’s just a lot of traffic on this road, and the 2 or 3 lanes are not designed to carry this load,” says Deneatra Henderson, Chief District Engineer for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

The increasing traffic is one reason for widening the road, which started back in 2018. Contractors are now widening the part from the intersection of 41A and North Main to Yorkwood Place to a five-lane road with new sidewalks and roads. Henderson says it was needed because of increasing number of accidents and traffic.

“A lot of crashes before the widening began. Also, quite a bit of congestion, which is creating the safety issues. With the increased industrial footprint out here at this side of Hopkins County, and the increased traffic due to that, the widening project was necessary,” she explained.

Contractors are also rebuilding the intersection of 41A and North Main, including adding lanes to match with the additional lanes being built. This section is scheduled to be done by the end of this year, where work then focuses on the next part from Yorkwood Place to Industrial Park Drive. That section is expected to be done by 2025.

That road won’t be the only one that will be under construction over the next several years in Madisonville area. Kentucky Transportation officials are already looking at improvements to sections of North Main Street.
The North Main reconstruction, focusing on the part between Hospital Drive and Island Ford Road, is in the planning phase. That section sees an average of more than 20,000 vehicles a day. They’re looking at two concepts, both involve widening the road, but with differences on how turning off north main works.

“One of them has the two way left lane, like you’ll see out here, and the other one has a curb median barrier with designated spots to make U-turns and make turns right into the businesses,” Henderson said.

She adds there’s no set date on when work on widening North Main will start, and will depend on the state highway plan.

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