HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Indiana lawmakers struck down a bill earlier this month to legalize marijuana. In February, House Bill 1297 was introduced to decriminalize two ounces or less of marijuana, however the bill was not voted on during the session. Although the topic is no longer being discussed by lawmakers, we decided to look at the number of marijuana arrests in southwestern Indiana.

Using data from the Indiana State Police, we looked at the number of arrests in 2021 per 10,000 residents in our viewing area. According to the data, only three counties were at or below the the statewide rate of 19 arrests per 10,000 residents. Pike County had the highest rate that year at 56 per 10,000 and Perry County had the lowest at 6 arrests per 10,000 residents.

You can view the results of the data on the interactive map below.

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