HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — With temperatures on the rise, more and more homeowners across the country are getting their lawnmowers out for the season.

The Central City Police Department posted about lawnmowing etiquette on social media, noting that if not followed correctly, you could be facing criminal charges.

Officers say if you mow your lawn, do not blow the grass onto the street. If you do, you’re endangering bikers and other motorists passing through. The police department reminds the public of this Kentucky Revised Statute and Definition.

512.070(b) Criminal Littering; Class A Misdemeanor

  • Knowingly places or throws litter on any public or private property or in any public or private water without permission.

KRS 512.010 Definitions for KRS 512;

  • (2) “Litter” means rubbish, refuse, waste material, offal, paper, glass, cans, bottles, trash, debris or any foreign substance of whatever kind or description and whether or not it is of value.

Additionally, officials say mowing grass onto the road can clog local storm sewers and harm aquatic life.