Why some people in the Tri-State are not getting the COVID-19 vaccine


(WEHT)– Analysts found the main reasons why people across the nation are not getting vaccinated.

Quote Wizard’s study found the main reason people in the Tri-State aren’t getting vaccinated is because they are worried about side effects. A lack of trust in COVID-19 vaccines and waiting to see if they are safe are also common concerns among Tri-Staters.

In Indiana 53% of Hoosiers are unvaccinated. The main reasons those people are choosing to hold off on getting the vaccine are:

  • 57% worried about side effects.
  • 43% waiting to see if it’s safe.
  • 36% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines.
  • 30% don’t believe they need it.
  • 28% don’t trust the government.

In Kentucky, 48% of the population remains unvaccinated. The main reasons why people in Kentucky are not getting vaccinated are:

  • 58% are worried about side effects
  • 43% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines
  • 41% are waiting to see if it’s safe
  • 39% don’t trust the government
  • 21% don’t believe they need it

In Illinois, 37% of community members are unvaccinated. The main reasons are:

  • 61% worried about side effects.
  • 51% waiting to see if it’s safe.
  • 43% don’t trust COVID-19 vaccines.
  • 33% don’t trust the government
  • 23% don’t believe they need it.

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