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Wife Dead, Daughters Seriously Injured in Darmstadt Shooting, Stabbing

A woman is dead, and her twin daughters are in serious condition after a domestic dispute Monday morning in Darmstadt.

The Father, identified as Clint Loehrlein, is the suspect.

In a late afternoon news conference, the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office says there is no clear motive.

Flashing lights and sirens, what several people woke up to Monday morning on Shillington Drive in Darmstadt as deputies responded to a 911 call regarding an assault in progress.

Sheriff Dave Wedding of Vanderburgh Co.  described the scene.

Sheriff Wedding said “the husband had basically attacked his wife and daughters."

A father allegedly shot his wife, then shot and stabbed his adult twin daughters.

The wife and mother was pronounced dead at the scene and was identified as Sherry Loehrlein, age 52.

Vanderburgh County Sheriff, Dave Wedding, and Coroner Steve Lockyear identified the suspect as Clint Loehrlein.

The sheriff says the father's motive remains unclear at this point.

Sheriff Wedding said, "we don't know what precipitated this violence, and sometimes when you have these acts of violence you will never know what caused the emotional breakdown, or to do something this hideous."

Officials say one daughter, Cynthia Loehrlein, was shot and stabbed multiple times and remains in serious condition, but was somehow able to escape the house and get help from a neighbor, who called 911.

Her twin sister Nicole is also in the hospital, with a single gunshot wound to the arm.

Deputies are trying to piece together what happened on Shillington Drive, but the nature of the crime is making the investigation more difficult.

Sheriff Wedding said, "all they said was they had been attacked by their father. They weren't breaking it down step by step. Its pretty shocking to wake up and have your family member shot and killed, and being attacked by your own father."

Suspect Clint Loehrlein is also in the hospital after stabbing himself when deputies arrived on scene.

Officials say a deputy is guarding his room, and a warrant has been filed for his arrest.

The sheriff says charges have yet to be filed in the case, and they are still waiting to interview the suspect.

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