HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — The family of two brothers shot on Cypress Dale Road last month is giving back with a blood drive.

Austin Ousley is accused of opening fire on Chad and Shawn Wildt at a Vanderburgh County farmhouse last month.

Shawn died at the scene. Chad was shot in the face and spent weeks in the hospital.

“Those boys were inseparable. They were best friends and worked together everyday. He has endured a lot, physically and mentally,” says Holly Wildt, Chad’s wife.

It took 16 units of blood to save Chad’s life. Now, Wildt and her friend Amy Toone want to refill the same blood bank that saved Chad’s life.

“To my understanding, the body type of Chad holds typically 8 to 10 units, so that gives you an idea of how much blood he needed to survive. It is really important to get that blood bank filled back up because a lot of blood went into saving Chad’s life,” says Toone.

“The blood was there. He needed it and people selflessly gave that blood. For that we are thankful. If it was not there, he would not be here today,” says Wildt.

The blood drive is set to take place on April 4 at New Beginnings Church in Evansville.

For information on the blood drive, and to sign up, click here.