Woman Accused of Possessing Stolen Firearm, Marijuana

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Evansville Police arrested a woman for allegedly having a stolen handgun and marijuana in a vehicle she was driving.

Police have charged Genikqua Hull with receiving a stolen firearm, possessing a handgun without a license, and possessing marijuana.

Police say they were notified of marijuana smoke coming from a vehicle in a parking lot in the 6300 block of E Florida St. on Tuesday afternoon.

Police eventually initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle driven by Hull. Hull allegedly told police the the burnt marijuana inside the vehicle was from a passenger who she said left the vehicle and exited in a separate vehicle in the parking lot.

Police say marijuana was visible between the driver’s seat and the driver’s side door. An officer also says he saw a small amount in between the middle console and the driver’s seat.

In the back floorboard, police say a semi-auto handgun was on the back floorboard.

The responding officer says he collected both the apparent marijuana and the handgun, which had one chambered and five in the magazine.

Hull allegedly told officers she did not have a conceal carry permit and didn’t realize the gun was in the car. She allegedly stated the gun belonged the aforementioned passenger – who police later identified as R. Tyler, Jr.

Hull also allegedly told police the car she was driving belonged to the R. Tyler, Jr.

Hull was arrested and transported to the Vanderburgh County Jail.

According to authorities, the suspected marijuana did test positive for THC and the handgun was flagged for being stolen out of Evansville.

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