Woman & Daughter Jump From Burning Home

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We get a first hand account of a mom’s decision that saved her life and her daughter’s life. Just one week ago, they were forced to jump from the second story window of their burning home.

Henderson firefighters say the fire was sparked by an electrical issue in a fixture outside the house. Vicky McClure says her family has been living in a hotel for the past week. She says her house is a total loss. But her life and her daughter’s was saved, due to her bravery.

You can still smell the smoke. Vicky McClure returned to what was once her home. The boot on her foot is a reminder of what happened.

“It’s a nightmare, you know I just want to wake up,” she said.

This is a two story, white house on Cherry Street in Henderson. Now, all that’s left are blackened pieces of the lives that used to live inside.

“She said we’re going to die, we’re going to die and I told her no we’re not,” Vicky McClure said. “I’m going to get us out one way or the other. We’re getting out.”

At 2:30 in the darkness of the morning on Friday, November 6th, Vicky thought she heard her cell phone alarm. But it was her smoke detectors, telling her to get out. 

“I started smelling smoke so I hurried and jumped up and went to the hallway and I could already see it coming up the stairs,” said said. “So I hurried up and went in there and I went and got my daughter up and I told her, ‘Get up, get up. The house is on fire.'”

The stairs were engulfed with flames and smoke. She says her only option was to find a window. Vicky says she grabbed an old bed rail, hoping to break one. But nothing worked.

“I was really scared,” she said. ” I really thought we were gone.”

Until she came across a window, she was able to pry open. Then, the unthinkable. She had to tell her daughter they had to jump.

“She said, ‘Please mommy don’t throw me out the window.’ I said, ‘Baby I’m not throwing you out, I got to get you out though.’ I put her over and tried to hold on to her as long as I could to lower her down so she wouldn’t get hurt and I finally had to let her go because she was too heavy.'”

Now, it’s all gone. The pictures, the videos, and the memories.

“I told her I said, ‘Well baby at least we got each other, at least we’re here.’ I said that stuff can be replaced later on down the road,'” McClure said.

Vicky says she’s not brave. She just did what she had to do.

“I just did what any mother would do, to save my kid,” she said.

Vicky’s foot is broken in two places. Now, she has to rebuild the pieces. Her foot will heal, but the scars may stay with her a very long time. If you would like to help Vicky and her family, there is a fire account set up at the Fifth Third Bank in Henderson where you can donate. 

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