Woman Stops Truck Dragging Dog Behind

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“To see him dragging on the ground as he drug in front of me across Red Bank Road and that guy is lucky because if I wouldn’t have been in shock,” remembers Annita Jones. “There’s no telling what I would have done to him.”

It’s been several days since two men were arrested after allegedly dragging a dog behind a truck for miles. The tragic events of Tuesday morning have left many scars.

Police say the dog suffered severe wounds after he was dragged for more than five miles. Annita Jones cut the truck off in her delivery truck. She says the dog had already perished but she couldn’t let what she was seeing continue.

“I went to sleep and I had nightmares that night and I woke up I can’t tell you how many times,” Jones said.

The wind keeps pushing Jones’ hair in her face. She’s sitting on a playground bench waiting for her kids and Mother’s Day dinner. She says pot roast is her favorite. But her mind is elsewhere, reliving the horrific events of Tuesday morning.

“As I get closer as I come up on to pearl on the ramp, I notice it’s a dog and as I get closer, I notice it’s actually a real dog,” she said.

She was on her usual route heading to Walmart on Evansville’s west side to make a delivery and noticed a dog dragging behind a truck. 

“I’m flashing my lights and I can’t get closer to him because the dog it about 6 foot away,” Jones said. 

She says she sped up, cutting off the driver. Annita says the driver asked her to hurry and untie the dog before police arrived.

“He got in his truck, started it and all I can think is please do not hit this dog again,” she said. 

To his owner, who Eyewitness News spoke to on the phone, he wasn’t just a dog. His name was hank and he was the owner’s best friend.

“He left and left the dog like right there in the street right there, right there like he was a cigarette or piece of trash,” Jones said. 

“What did that dog think when he started to drive off and he couldn’t run no more and he lost his first step, that’s all I can picture,” she said. 

Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s deputies arrested 24-year-old Brandon Cox and 44-year-old Jamie McFarland charging them in Hank’s death.

Annita says she covered Hank up with a beach towel. She now hopes he’s in a better place smiling and thinking of the best times.

“I hope that that dog Hank, now that I know his name, that Hank had at least that moment in his time where he got to meet that one person that he picked that he loved,” she said. 

Both McFarland and Cox are being held in the Vanderburgh County jail on a $100,000 bond. Some of Cox’s charges are being enhanced because he is a convicted felon. Both men have not been in court yet.

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