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Women build for Habitat

When you think of building homes - a female crew is not the first thing that comes to mind.  But Habitat for Humanity's Women Build aims to change that stereotype.

In this week's "The Habitat Story," we highlight this special, annual event.

"I just love 'em. I really do. They bring a whole new dimension to it. And these people just have a ball!"

In a male-dominated industry - emerges a sisterhood - women building homes and skills in service to others. 

"I want to make someone's life as blessed as mine and if it's just hammering a few nails or hanging a little siding, I'm all about it."

Women build brings together females of all backgrounds, faiths and skill levels to provide stability to families and kids.

"So they don't get moved from one place to another that's not a very desirable place to live or it's falling down around them, but it's all they can afford. It's all about the kids."

In May, as part of National Women Build Week, more than 60 women came together to side a home.

"Most the people here have never driven a nail, let alone put on siding. They've accomplished something."

But later this year an even bigger accomplishment is on the horizon - from fundraising to finishing touches - a home built and sponsored by women.

"There's a pride that's associated with being able to own something of your own."
"What's better than a woman giving to a woman?"

Women Build will be held in September. HabiTea - the annual event to fund the home - is scheduled August 23rd. For tickets, call Habitat of Evansville at (812) 423-5623.

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