EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- The warning sirens are going off and the writing is on the wall, literally, at Woodland Park Apartments on Evansville’s south side.

A day after CenterPoint Energy announced the apartment complex was behind on payments dating back to 2019, tenants like Alice Davis say they’re fed up and looking to leave. Davis says she wants her money back, adding the landlords do not need to worry about her renting from them ever again.

It’s not just the utility situation, Davis says. Davis says she’s dealt with windows that don’t open, a defective fire alarm, and mold throughout the building.

But what resources do the tenants at Woodland Park have? Evansville City Councilman and Aurora executive director Zac Heronemus says the situation is unlike any he has seen locally, both in terms of what is happening and the number of households affected by the situation. He says people can reach out to Aurora, which helps people struggling with housing, weekdays from 1-4. Heronemus notes people should ask for a case manager to connect them with available housing and other resources.

Garvin Senn from the Legal Aid Society says people on government aid can reach out to that government agency for help relocating. Senn adds people without government aid could have a legal path should they need to move. Senn warns that a landlord who cannot pay its utility bills may not be able to handle a lawsuit. Senn says there are examples of businesses going bankrupt and people not “getting what they were promised.”

Still, Davis says she just wants someone to look into the organization. Heronemus says he will visit the apartment complex Friday afternoon.