Where are they on that project: Historic Riverside Dr. home hit by two cars


EVANSVILLE, Ind (WEHT) One of Evansville’s most high profile home repair projects is taking shape. The Tudela’s historic home on Riverside Drive is nearly fully repaired on the outside after being hit by two cars in 2019 on two separate occasions.

“We are moving to the final stages of this construction and as you can see, the balustrade and the new columns are all in place, the balcony is functional.”

Architect Jonathan Lamar says construction on the front of the home should be done by the end of summer, but repairs inside the home might take the rest of the year.

“With the damage that was done on the inside they’ve had to do some interior work as well. You know, replacing some of these windows inside and out.”

“There was some worry some concern that there might be some extensive structural damage so they had to do a lot of shoring and reinforcing to get this corner of the building back to where it was safe to be inside.”

Once the temporary shoring was put in place, construction plans had to be approved by the historic preservation commission.

“We had to tell them this is the color we are using. We brought in paint samples to show them this is what it’s going to look like. We did color renderings, we had to tell them the brick that was being used. Even to the level of this is the way the window header will look.” Lamar says getting the HPC’s final stamp of approval took nearly a year.

The ultimate goal was to make sure the building was safe, but kept it’s 1860’s era charm.

“And the focus is now shifting to some other ideas they were exploring in the back of the house for a new carriage house and pool and some improvements to the back patios.”

Lamar expects construction in the back yard to start in the coming weeks.

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