Wyatt Hill Continues Road to Recovery

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More than a month and a half after suffering serious injuries following an alleged assault, Wyatt Hill, the Madisonville infant, still slowly recovering.

His family, waiting, and praying for more progress

Wyatt Hill rested in his crib. A break from the turmoil he, and his family, have gone through.

“It’s really affected Jaden,” said Shelby Hill, Wyatt’s mother, when asked how it’s affected others, including Jaden, her daughter. “She’s had nightmares. She was there when it happened.”

Doctors say Wyatt still cannot see, and likely won’t walk or talk again. But Shelby Hill says her son’s beaten past odds, and hopes he beats them again.

“They also told us he’d never be able to take a bottle, never take a pacifier, never be able to be soothed, which he can be. They told us he’d have to go home on a feeding tube, and he proved them all wrong,” Hill says.

The family says they’ve been impressed with other parts of Wyatt’s recovery and progress so far, outperforming some early diagnoses.

“You walk in to a room to hear him crying, when you’re told he wouldn’t, it’s pretty amazing,” says Libby Smith, Wyatt’s grandmother. “All I could do was cry. I thought I would never hear that noise again. To hear that noise again was…great.”

Amidst the turmoil, came support and prayers, things the family’s appreciated.

“On Halloween, we were outside handing out candy, and there were people coming up saying ‘Is that baby Wyatt?’ and ‘We’ve been praying for him,'” Shelby recalled.

The road to recovery is still long, but the Hills still hope to hear Wyatt laugh, and talk once again.

“I just want Wyatt to be normal, be a normal baby, a normal kid,” Hill says.

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