EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) — With summer warming things up, many Tri-Staters around the area are starting to fill up their pools and use sprinklers. While cooling off is recommended to beat the heat, the Evansville Water and Sewer Utility reminds customers there are right ways and wrong ways to go about it.

EWSU says if a lawn sprinkler or irrigation system is connected to the municipal water system, state and local regulations require them to have a backflow preventer that must be inspected and tested every year upon startup or when the backflow preventer is re-installed every season.

That being said, backflow preventers may not be required on swimming pools that are filled from a water hose. However, a cross connection can occur if the hose is not used properly.

For example, filling a swimming pool with the water hose submerged creates a cross connection that could allow non-drinkable water into the public drinking water system, EWSU says. The correct way to fill a pool with a water hose is to keep the hose above the waterline creating an air gap.

The images below will be able to help you learn whether or not you’re filling your pool properly.

The wrong way to fill a pool


The right way to fill a pool