EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT)- An Evansville non-profit is asking for help in stopping illegal dumping behind their building.

DOTs- Evansville is a community resource on South Green River Road and helps connect non-profits to others in the area. They also help families in need have access to food, clothes, and furniture at affordable prices. They say a man has been illegally dumping tree limbs covered in thorns and debris nearly every week for the last six months.

“I don’t know if they are like clearing the same pathway that is growing every month. But they just fill up our dumpster and filling up our parking space that we have back there, where we get all of our shipments,” says Addison Herrin, the DOTs-Evansville Executive Director.

The non-profit says the man comes in the middle of the night to avoid being seen. The next morning, DOTs says employees spend hours cleaning up the lot, stick by stick.

“It has been a real burden on us. We went having to get it picked up once like every two to three weeks to usually once a week now. It has gotten a lot worse. A lot of people tell us to like get locks on the dumpster. But because of the size we need to hold all of trash, we cannot get the one with the lock” says Herrin.

To persuade the illegal dumper to stay away, DOTs installed security cameras and hope to get better ones soon to help catch the person responsible.

“It is kind of one of those things where hopefully, we can speak to the person and tell them how it is affecting us. If they know, hopefully they would stop and we do not have to find any legal action,” says Herrin.

Although DOTs has not filed a police report, they say they will consider it if it happens again. The non-profit also says they are offering a reward for information. The amount depends on how reliable the information is.