OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Girls Incorporated of Owensboro took 10 girls to Malco Theatres for a screening of the “Barbie” movie. Field trip attendees were asked several thought provoking questions before and after the screening to spark a discussion on feminism, gender roles, and society’s push for perfection within self.

“I think the movie really shedded light on being able to control your own narrative as a woman, and as a young girl. I think that sparked a lot of empowerment for girls and even grown women like myself,” said Whitney Hanley, the chapter’s program facilitator.

Hanley says some of her favorite responses centered around whether or not pink should be considered to be a girl color.

13-year-old Presleigh Thomas was one of the attendees whose perspective on colors and gender roles was altered by the film. Thomas says the impact of Barbie doesn’t stop there .

“ I think it will change peoples thoughts on how women are treated and I feel like it’ll make more women feel more confident to stick up for themselves,” said Thomas.

The movie’s slogan — “She’s everything. He’s just Ken.” –- seems to be a subtle affirmation to young girls everywhere that mirrors Girls Inc.’s mission of “Be strong. Be smart. Be bold.”

“They can feel comfortable and safe to be their authentic selves. I think that that has been a thread that goes through all of the organizations and stands true especially my experience as a member as well,” stated Hanley. “It’s not about giving the girls’ [an] idea of a woman or a young girl should be a certain way, but more about this is who you are and we’re gonna lift you up in that space to be yourself.”

In 2019, the non-profit celebrated 50 years in the Owensboro- Daviess County community. Girls Inc. of Owensboro serves about 60 girls each day.