VINCENNES, Ind. (WEHT) – Vincennes University (VU) has a new agreement with the University of Evansville (UE) regarding transfer students. A Direct Admit Transfer Agreement will guarantee Vincennes graduates with an associate degree a spot in UE’s Engineering program with at least an $18,000 scholarship annually.

“We at VU look forward to expanding our relationship with UE. I also extend my gratitude to UE leadership and faculty for their exceptional work and for this partnership creating even more opportunities for the students we mutually serve,” says Curt Coffman, VU Dean of Science, Engineering and Mathematics. “With VU’s in-state tuition scholarship, the entire Tri-State area could save thousands of dollars on a VU/UE engineering education.”

To qualify for the agreement, VU students need to earn their associate degree in one of the following engineering concentrations: civil, mechanical or electrical. They also need to maintain a 2.5 GPA at minimum at VU until graduating before they can transfer to UE to earn a Bachelor’s degree.

“Students will graduate from VU confident that they are well prepared to continue their academic journey and are sought after by top employers and top Universities. We strive to ensure our students are set up for success. Direct admission agreements like this are one way VU offers our students pathways to high-quality educational experiences that aligns with their true goals and passion,” says VU President Chuck Johnson. “We expect to see many students taking advantage of the guaranteed admission to UE.”

Reports say VU is known to be more affordable than most colleges when it comes to tuition rates. This helps the students save money during their education at VU for two years before possibly joining a transfer program such as this one. Officials say the agreement and attached guaranteed scholarship will attract more students interested in engineering fields to the university.

“We are thrilled to partner with VU and extend this opportunity to those pursuing a future in engineering,” says Christopher M. Pietruszkiewicz, President of UE. “Students who transfer to UE will receive a high-quality education in our School of Engineering and Computer Science from a talented and experienced faculty. The rigorous curriculum, senior design teams, and internships with local organizations will provide them with the skills and experience for a successful career many years after graduating.”

According to reports, it seems like the agreement makes both sides happy as the Associate Dean also has no complaints about the work ethic of the VU transfer students.

“The students we have been getting from VU for our engineering programs are very well prepared and a perfect fit for our hands on, project-based curriculum.” says Suresh Immanuel, PhD, Associate Dean for the UE School of Engineering and Computer Science. “They are able to transition quickly and play an integral role in all our team-based projects. We look forward to having many more VU students through the guaranteed admission agreement.” 

Those who are interested in more information on the program can find it here or can contact admissions at (812)-888-4313.