Loved ones of murder victims hold vigil in Henderson


Families of murder victims in the Tri-State gathered at Central Park in Henderson for a candlelight vigil.

For family members of murder victims, the pain never goes away.

Some said that while others move on, they remain stuck looking for answers.

On Wednesday, they held a vigil to remember their loved ones and keep the cases in the forefront of people’s minds.

“Death is difficult, no matter what mother’s up against it, or which family is,” said Carol Cleveland. “But to have….lose someone to murder, is the part that’s just unacceptable to me.”

Carol Cleveland’s son Shane Breedlove was murdered in Vanderburgh County in 2015.

It’s been just over four years since they lost him to that senseless crime.

“Shane….was Shane. He was a real character,” Carol laughs. “I was always so proud to be in the audience and watch him.”

For Blake Crews family, it has been almost five years.

“There’s no words to really express how we felt for nearly four-and-a-half years,” Blake’s mother Donna told those at the vigil.

20-year-old Chloe-Randolph died earlier this year. A statement from her family was read at the vigil.

“This is time for us to think about the families and the victims. There is a lot of violence in our world right now.”

The families chose to hold the vigil on September 25th to observe the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims.

“Each individual family has their different functions and activities they do throughout the year, to remember their own children, but this is one day we can all come together.”

The families here lean on each other, as they navigate the need for answers they do not have.

“We were discussing with each other .. just how badly we are still taking this,” Carol said.

Both Shane and Blake’s murders remain unsolved.

“It’s going to be five years pretty soon and every day is a nightmare.”

“Life changed in the moment and it is really hard to live with.”

Shane’s mom has a message for those who attend events like these:
“I just am so grateful for all the kind words, and all the Facebook messages, and posts and … I just want to tell the community thank you because it does matter and it does help.”

Donna Crews also said she wanted to thank the community for all the support their family has received.

In the meantime, Carol remembers some of the things that made Shane, Shane.

“He could give some of the best bear hugs that there ever was. And it would warm my heart to have him come home and come in the back door and go straight to the cookie jar… because that’s what he always did. ”

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