HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- The Madisonville-Hopkins County Economic Development Corporation (MHCEDC) is set to announce CLAAS FARMPOINT on June 15. CLAAS FAMPOINT is a German farm equipment company that plans to open up a dealership. FARMPOINT is a groundbreaking new business, dedicated to transforming the on-farm experience through mobile-first driven technology. The launch of CLAAS FARMPOINT will not only revolutionize on-farm experiences, but also bring significant economic benefits to the region. The company even offers remote diagnostic and maintenance- meaning that farmers don’t need to drive to the dealership for these issues.

CLAAS FARMPOINT is a business division of CLAAS, a global leader in agricultural technology. FARMPOINT is spearheading a revolution in on-farm experiences by prioritizing mobile-first technology. Its advanced tools and solutions empower farmers to optimize operation, make data-drive decision, and achieve unmatched efficiency and productivity.

“CLAAS FARMPOINT represents a new era of innovation in the agricultural industry, utilizing cutting-edge, customer-centric driven technology to redefine farming practices.” says Head of Commercial Development, Patricio Frangella. “By leveraging solutions and tools, FARMPOINT empowers farmers to optimize operations, make data driven decisions, and achieve unprecedented levels of efficiency and productivity on their farms.”