MADISONVILLE, Ky. (WEHT) –There will be wings over Kentucky this weekend, as Madisonville kicks off its first ever air show.

Vintage military warbirds, an all women parachute team, and aerobatic performers soared into Madisonville on Saturday for the 2023 Wings Over Western Kentucky Air Show.

“We really wanted everybody in the community to have a reason to come out to the airport and enjoy aviation at it’s finest,” said Emily Herron, the Madison Regional Airport Manager.

The air show took place at the Madisonville Regional Airport from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Officials say the show includes 8 acts, including a finale performance from a Vietnam- era jet.

Charlie Morris is a third generation pilot and says he fell in love with flying at the age of 6.

“Not too long after I did my first loop with my dad and I never wanted to stop doing them that’s my favorite thing to do… just aerobatics in general,” said Morris.

To prepare to travel up to 200 miles per hour, Morris says its taken a lot of practice to maneuver through the sky safely.

“It’s a lot more agile, a lot more fun, you can do things and feel kind of like a fighter jet but not quite as serious as a fighter jet,” said Morris.

The airshow pilot says he travels as fast as 5 times the speed of gravity.

“Your face starts pulling down, and it’s a lof of fun but you do feel it a lot more as a passenger. You feel like youre really getting pulled into the seat,’ said Morris.

Morris completes several manuevers, including a 2-point roll and the Hammerhead.

 ”That was where we went straight up, turned around came looking straight back down at the ground and back up at the horizon — and then we did another loop after that,” said Morris.

Ultimately, Morris says he’s dedicated to putting on a good show for the community.

“Just having fun and staying safe and giving the best show I can for the audience that are here,” said Morris