Malco Announces New Movie Theatre


Days after this year’s Oscars, movie fans in Owensboro are being awarded with a new movie theater.

Malco Cinema announced plans for a new cinema at the planned Gateway Commons shopping development just off of Highway 54.

Coming soon to a shopping district, that’s also coming soon.

“I think we need an up to date movie theater in Owensboro,” says Kalyn Jones of Owensboro

A new 16 screen movie theater, to be built at Gateway Commons.  Malco officials say the $10 million theater will have reclining seats, an updated menu, even with alcoholic drinks.

“I think it’s going to be great because I live off of 54, and it seems like a lot of new businesses are going out over there,” says Rachel Deweese of Owensboro.

“I think there’s a lot more traffic over there. It’s up and coming, and I think it’s going to be the new Frederica Street,” adds Kelsey Legg of Daviess County.

The company is one of the first ones to announce their move to the TIF district, which is still under construction, and the latest to join the growing number of businesses along Highway 54 which has seen a growing amount of traffic over the years. Some worry about putting more shopping traffic, others say it won’t be as busy as others are now.

“54 can be a nightmare, but I feel like Frederica is a nightmare too if you go around the same time frame. Around 5:30, everything is crowded. But you have to think about the people living on 54, their travel to Frederica might be as difficult as mine is to 54,” Jones says.

Malco officials say they haven’t decided on the future of their current home on Frederica Street.  Some movie goers say it could still be modernized for the modern movie fan.

“Probably just modernize it, just make it not as old-fashioned looking,” says Legg.

A spokesperson says construction is expected to start this June, with the new theater likely to be open as early as May of next year.

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