Jason Perry of Princeton gets an 85-year prison sentence for the murder of his ex-girlfriend last year.
He had pleaded guilty to murder earlier this year. Police say Perry found the victim, Jessica Tice, outside a Princeton restaurant on May 22, 2013 while she was walking with their 13 year old son and shot her twice. He used a shotgun at close range.
According to the plea deal, he was sentenced to 55 years for the murder and 30 years for being an habitual offender.
These are letters the Jessica Tice’ family read to the court exactly as written by the family.
This is a picture of my niece, Jesica Tice and nephew, Logan Tice. This was the last picture taken on the day Jason Perry murdered her.
My name is Peggy Scott and I am Jesica Tice’s aunt. I watched this beautiful girl grow up and become a wonderful mother and amazing person. In one second you, Jason Perry, took her life and left 3 boys without a mother. What a selfish being you are..
You are a convicted habitual offender and will always think you can do as you please without paying the price. This time you will pay. Within weeks of your return to Princeton, Jesica and her children were stalked and threatened by you. . When she didn’t back down, you killed her. You have shown no remorse over what you did. Your family has shown no remorse. This speaks volumes as to what the Perry family is all about. You commented to the press that “she” had kept Logan away from you all of his life. My question to you is how did she do that when you were in prison in Indiana and Florida most of his life? You say whatever makes you look good. I promise we will remind parole boards of how you lie and manipulate to your advantage.
You have forever changed this family and Jesica’s 3 boys lives. They will never have her there to see their life’s accomplishments and her grandchildren. You murdered my niece in front of her mother and her child. Only an animal could do this. She did nothing wrong. She was trying to get her 3 boys and herself away from you. She knew you were a threat and she did not back down. You took her life for this. No one is responsible for your actions, except you. In a selfish moment you ended her live. You “Chose” this path. No one did it for you. She did not choose to die and leave her 3 children alone. You made the decision to end her life. Now you get to live with your choice.
I hope that every moment of you life is miserable and that you suffer every day and remember why you are behind bars. I have no doubt my niece will haunt you forever. Jesica is now in heaven with her father and grandparents. She is safe and you can never hurt her again. The Good Lord will be sure the gates to Heaven are closed to you and that you are escorted straight to HELL. You took her life and you should never walk free again. You deserve to be caged forever.
Some of Jesica’s family, no doubt will be long gone by the time you seek parole, myself included. Know that our family is large and be very confident that Jesica’s children, grandchildren, cousins and their children will be there for as long as it takes at every parole hearing you have. Our family will see that you stay in prison forever. That is what you deserve.
Everyone knows who the second bullet was for. When Jesica used her last breath to tell Logan to run, you made the decision to shoot her the second time, looking at her mother and smiling as you did it. She had ruined your plan and it made you mad. You intended to kill Logan also. There is not a doubt about it. She was lying on the ground from being shot in the back by you and you shot her in the head. She was dead instantly. You then ran. You are an animal.

This wonderful woman protected her child to the end when she told Logan to run. She knew what you were going to do. She was the bravest person I know, and I am proud she was my niece.
I beg the court and judicial system to please do everything within your power to see that Jason Perry is never given any consideration for any type of early parole. I have no doubt he will kill someone again if allowed to walk free. I do not want it to be Jesica’s family. He is always the one that has been wronged and he will sit and plan ways for getting back at her and her kids.
Please send him as far away from Princeton as possible. My nephews and sister should not have to have him close by. These kids have suffered enough. They fear him, even though he is behind bars.
Jason Perry you are evil.

May 19,2014
My name is Rita Dougan. I am the very proud mother of Jesica Tice. I’m sure most are expecting to hear me say how perfect my daughter was. But who among us is perfect. I can say she was perfect in my heart and in the hearts of her children. She was loved in our community because she was a dedicated and caring person. She was hard working and the best mother anyone could ask for.
But you see I have been defending my daughter for a year now. Why. My daughter did nothing wrong. She did not break the law, she was a victim. A victim that can never defend herself. That is why we have our justice system. However in twelve months time I have lost all faith and trust in our legal system. Jason Perry is a very evil jealous person. He executed my daughter. Yet he has more rights and has been treated more considerate than my daughter. He, a convicted drug trafficker, convicted felon and a history of abusiveness was bailed out of jail by his father just hours after he viciously beat Jesi. Why was this? Was it because of family friends and connections? Was it because people feared him, or was it because Perry knew how to use the system? We will never know. I do know he terrorized Jesi and her three boys for months. He planned to kill her. He bought the shotgun shell. He hid behind a trash dumpster. He shot her in the back and he executed her. He plans and manipulates people. In Manatee County Florida, April 9, 2010 he threatened an undercover officer by saying” He would kill anyone who set him up and their family.” This is exactly what he planned for Jesi and her family. Except Jesi didn’t let him kill her son. She pleaded “No please no, run Logan run.” She protected her son. This made him so mad, after shooting her in the back he reloaded, looked to the front of the parking lot where Logan was, looked at me and smirked then smiled, put the gun to her head and pulled the trigger. He executed my daughter in broad daylight with ten people watching him. Nothing I or anyone else could do but let her soul drift away. I am constantly asking why. Why was this person able to do this? Why would his father bail him out? Jesi trusted Tom Perry. He knew what his son was capable of. Why was there a gun in the home of a felon? And my biggest why is” Why is he allowed to live.” Why was he given a plea deal. Our prosecutor has given me the answers to this many times in person and in writing but this still does not make it right. To go for the death penalty you have to have certain aggravating circumstances. One of these circumstances I am very offended by. Number six on the list says “The victim of the murder was a corrections employee, probation officer, parole

officer community corrections worker, home detention officer, fireman, judge, or law enforcement officer. I find this to be very discriminating. Why is any one of these people more important than you, than me, or my daughter the mother of three boys. We are all suppose to be equals. But some how Things have been turned upside down in our world. The very politicians who ask for our vote is making laws or allowing laws to be made to protect the criminals. Cases such as this should be decided immediately. If you kill in front of witnesses then in return you also will loose your life. I also have a hard time understanding how our police officers go out and do their job day after day. Bringing in the offenders, making the arrest, filing all the paper work only to have the charges dropped, or the offender is allowed to take a plea. Within a matter of time the criminals are on the streets again. Then we start this cycle all over again. Why. Why why why. They should not be able to make pleas, and be given deals. They should be incarcerated for the full time of their sentence. I could go on and on about the many experiences I have dealt with this year. I have learned a lot. But in the end my daughter is still gone and Perry is still allowed to live. Not only live but also allowed to walk out of prison some day to kill again. It’s time for the politicians to start making laws to protect the hard working citizens who pay their salaries. It’s time for them to keep the criminals locked up.
Judge Redwine you have heard the words of a very few people who loved and cared about my Jesi. You also have heard how her children fear him. If you have any influence at all please send Perry as far away as possible. Also see that he is behind bars for the longest time possible. This man will kill again. I could see the enjoyment in his eyes as he pulled the trigger. Perry is an evil piece of trash. He is so worthless he cannot even be recycled.
Justice will come Perry. It’s just a matter of time.
Thank You Rita Dougan

This is a picture of my mother, Jesica Tice. This was our last day together My Name is Logan Tice. .
The man sitting there, Jason Perry is a murderer. He beat my mother and eventually killed her. This person deserves no mercy. Judge Redwine please see that this man stays in prison for a long time. My mother deserves to know we are safe.
You, JASON PERRY, killed my mother on May 22, 2013 right in front of me. I never did and never will like or love you. You are very ignorant — you lack knowledge. Personally I don’t consider you as my dad. You never helped me, never were there for me, never cooked a meal for me, or even listened to me because all you do is bitch and demand until you get your way. I, on the other hand intend to grow up and be a real man and make a success of my life.
My Mother was such a great mom and a loving person. Everyone could count on her. She taught us valuable lessons in life, but you Jason Perry destroyed us. You stalked her, beat on our doors and windows threatening us. Many times you have called me a bastard. You hit my Mom and hurt her. You promised to kill all her family.
Please don’t ever let him to do this again. My brothers and I are afraid of him. He is mean deep inside. He lies. He says he is sorry and will be good. He fools people with his smooth talk. His family also lies. They say they will get him help, but they never do. I want nothing to do with this Perry family. Please, Please don’t ever let him out. Send him as far away from Princeton as possible. If he escapes I want him as far away from my family as possible.
Logan Tice.

Date: May 17, 2014
To: Parole Board
Re: Jesica Tice’s Murder by Jason S. Perry DOC # 138925
I am 10 years old, I am her son, and I love you Mom. I wish you were still alive. We had good times, but that jerk had to kill you. I wish I was with you up in heaven right now.
Now let’s talk about you Mom. My mom was a very nice mom. She helped me with my homework, tucked me in, fed us and she took us to Florida. She loved me very much, and I loved her with all my heart.
Let’s talk about Jason — he killed my mom. I think it was not the right thing to do. I hope this letter makes him stay in prison for a long time. I do not like him at all. He took my mom away from me. He is mean to people and he needs to stay behind metal bars forever. He scares me. Please do not let him out.
I wish Jesus never, ever invented Jason Perry. My mom was such a happy person. Please don’t forget her. Don’t let that man out to hurt me. Make him go real far away in prison.
Kyle Truxal

My name is Jesse Miller and Jesica Tice was my mother.
Well first off people like Jason Perry don’t need to be put in prison for years and then get out. The reason for that is they will just do it again. People that kill others also deserve death themselves. My mother did nothing to him to get shot and killed. What she deserved was happiness. My mom did everything she could to protect me and my brothers. Every night I would wake up to him banging on my door and yelling at my mom, saying he was sorry for hurting her. But he did it anyway. My opinion on this is death. I won’t feel safe even if he is behind bars. You guys want to give him so much time in jail and the let him back out in like 30 years. He will find us. Think about that. Think about what could happen if he got out. He deserves death. My mom didn’t.
Jesse Miller

To whom it may concern:
Jesica Tice was a beautiful young woman that was full of life, and always wore a smile upon her face. Jesi loved smiley faces, which was very fitting for her. Her graduation party was decorated with yellow smiley faces. Jesi was a devoted mom to her three wonderful boys. Jesi’s boys were her life, and she would’ve done anything for them. Jesi worked hard as a single mom to provide for her boys at Casey’s General Store in Princeton, IN where she was a loyal, and devoted employee of nine years. Customers would come into Casey’s just to see her. Jesi was a very giving person, and would help out anybody in need. One example of her kindness is a story that was shared at Jesi’s funeral. A woman stood to share her story of how she came to know Jesi. Jesi was working the day she called in to order some pizzas for her, and her children. The pizzas were to be delivered, but there was no one available to deliver those pizzas. The lady was going to cancel the order because she had no transportation to pick the pizza up herself. Jesi wouldn’t hear of it. Jesi offered, and did deliver those pizzas herself after she got off work that night. Jesi took time out of her busy schedule to help a complete stranger. Another lady stood to share her story of how her and her husband would stop in Casey’s every morning to get their breakfast, and coffee just to see Jesi. She had stated that stopping at Casey’s in the morning to have that short conversation with Jesi, and see her smiling face seemed to make their day better. Jesi was a welcoming presence to all who entered Casey’s, and you would be hard pressed to find anyone that would say different. Jesi was my former sister-n-law, and the aunt to my two oldest children. Our oldest sons are only three weeks apart. I had the joy of being in the delivery room with Jesi when she had her oldest son Jesse Drew. Our to oldest have shared a lot together. At times they were even dressed in the same outfits. This is just a little of what I can tell you about how good of a person Jesi was, and her loving spirit will always shine through her boys. This is just a little about Jesi, who was taken from us way to soon! Jesi gave Jason Perry a chance and a piece of her heart as she did anyone she met, just to fall victim to domestic violence at his hand. Jason stalked Jesi wherever she went. Jason waited for Jesi to come home one night just so he could kick her repeatedly as she lay on the ground. Bruises that were still visible the day he murdered her. Yes Jesi had filed for a protection order, but nothing was going to stop Jason. Jesi feared for her life, and what Jason might do to her children. She also feared what he may do to her mom as well, all due to Jason’s threats! Jason would scare Jesi’s children by banging on the doors, and windows of the house yelling for Jesi. The day Jason murdered Jesi was suppose to be a happy day full of great memories as her son Logan graduated from the 8th grade. Jason not only showed up at the school that day, but he also followed Jesi and her family to the restaurant where they were to have a celebration dinner. The cops were called three times that day on Jason being at the school, and coming to the restaurant starting an argument with Jesi. After Jason left the restaurant for the last time, he still returned to wait on Jesi to leave. Jason stalked Jesi like prey that day. Jason Perry murdered Jesi in front of her son, and her mom. Jason shot Jesi not once, but twice. Jason shot Jesi a second time in the head after she was already lying on the ground unconscious and motionless from the first shot. Jesi’s mom stood before Jason begging for her daughter’s life as Jason smirked at Jesi’s mom, and then executed Jesi. Jesi was not armed. Jesi was defenseless. Jesi did nothing that day to

provoke Jason in any way. Jesi was simply trying to have a nice quiet joyful day with her son, and mom. What kind of person shoots another person once in the back, and then in the head in front of ones son, and mom with a shotgun? A cold blooded murderer like Jason Perry. Jason didn’t just hurt Jesica, her family, her friends, but he also hurt innocent people at the restaurant that day who witnessed this horrific act of rage. He not only changed Jesi’s family and friends lives that day, but he also changed the lives of all the people that witnessed him murder Jesi that day. Jason has instilled nightmares into Jesi’s boys, and mom that they will have the rest of their lives. Jason Perry does not deserve a chance at parole. He deserves to spend the rest of his days behind bars in prison to think about the life that he took everyday. Giving Jason Perry parole would be a mistake. Jason has lived a life of crime since an early age. He has already been in and out of jail multiple times. He has already been to prison. He still has not changed, and never well. Prison will not change Jason Perry. If Jason gets out of prison he will return to his life of crime as he always has. If you let him out on parole it will give Jason Perry a chance to murder again.