Man Stranded In Evansville After Greyhound Bus Driver Leaves Him


We first reported Saturday night our Chief Photographer, John Simpson, drove a young man to St. Louis to try out for a basketball scholarship after his Greyhound bus took 7 hours to get to Evansville from Nashville. Now, more unhappy Greyhound customers have come forward. Greyhound has not returned our calls as to why the driver was allowed to continue the journey after crashing into the awning of the station and getting stuck in the mud. 

“I’m just not going to ride Greyhound anymore. I’ll just shell out the extra money from now on when I travel to either rent a car or to fly,” said Nicholas Proctor.

Proctor is fed up. He’s been stuck in Evansville for 11 days, after his greyhound bus driver took off without him.

“I got off the bus to go to the bathroom and luckily I carried my bag as a carry-on and I don’t trust anybody so I took my bag with me and when I came out of the bathroom, the bus was gone,” said Proctor. 

“They don’t wait for you,” said Scott McPherson of Evansville, “I think they take a general head count to see if people get off.”

Proctor’s final destination was Kansas City, his home town. He says the ride there wasn’t cheap. He originally left from Georgia and said if he had bought a round trip ticket to Kansas City, it would have cost anywhere from $100 and $200.

“Because I had traveled already half the way of the distance to my destination, [they said] that I couldn’t do an exchange for the $20 because usually, if you miss your bus and you haven’t traveled at all, you get a new ticket for $20 and a new date,” said Proctor.

He also says Greyhound bus conditions are extremely poor.

“The toilet on the bus didn’t work properly, it didn’t have a toilet seat on it,” said Proctor.

He says the drivers seem to be “directionally challenged.”

“Half the time, I don’t know if they’re even going the right way, they get lost so easily it’s like they don’t have a GPS or anything,” said Proctor.

Friday afternoon, a Greyhound driver took 7 hours to get to from Nashville to Evansville; a drive that would normally take 2 and 1/2 hours. Passengers say the drive wasn’t exactly smooth. As the driver pulled into the Greyhound station in Evansville, she hit the awning. An awning labeled for city buses. Just inches away, was a higher awning specifically labeled for Greyhound buses.  

“When they’re new, they’re supposed to have, like, a tutor or something to show them around and how to go about different cities and stuff,” said Daniel Brothers of Evansville.

Now, Proctor hopes Greyhound hears his concerns.

“The back of the bus always smells bad because they never clean it,” said Proctor.

He wants something to be done.

Proctor says he doesn’t have the money for another ticket because he spent it all on the first ticket he thought would get him to Kansas City. Now, he’s asking people for money to help him get back home, but says taking a Greyhound, is out of the question.

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