EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) — A typical Wednesday at ‘Market on Main’ hosts about 25 vendors, including food trucks. Only 6 of the farmers market’s usual businesses were present this week.

The market’s manager says the heat wave almost forced them to make a hard decision.

“This is the only market where we really had to think about canceling or folks not coming, but you know its one market. There’s still folks here,” said doss.

Doss says some opted out for medical reasons while others just decided not to endure the heat. One vendor says she decided to face the heat wave regardless. She says location can sometimes be a determining factor for daily profits.

“Their product might not have been able to withstand the heat or maybe they just weren’t accustomed to working outside in it. For me, I’m outside all-day, everyday anyway. I knew that there would be some people coming to buy today.. where I didn’t think I would have probably any coming to my farm,” said Kristi Schulz of Evansville Countryside Orchard.

Vendors say the market’s primary customers have proven to be students of the Signature School, and those who may need to grab a quick bite during their lunch hour.

Jim Loughrie says, although the heat hasn’t changed his decision to set up shop, it has affected customer traffic.

“It’s usually higher than what it’s been today. I don’t know if some of the students are possibly wanting to run out in the heat real quick and wanting to get out of it. If you’re not accustomed to it, it’s a lot worse,” said the honey vendor.

While vendors did push through high temperatures for most of the usual market set up, the majority closed shop an hour before the end time to escape the heat.

The market’s manager says, in the future, they could implement tools like misting stations or large tents. For now, they plan to take it one market at a time.