MORGANFIELD, Ky. (WEHT) — A special surprise was handed out in front of a historic mural in Morganfield.

The mural depicts the history of Morganfield and Union County, with four individuals and three scenes.

Thomas Lyle Williams, who was the founder of Maybelline Cosmetics, as well as his sister Mabel Williams, are shown in the mural.

The Williams family lived in Morganfield until 1912.

On Saturday, Mayor Randy Greenwell gave the Maybelline family a key to the city.

“To be with Lincoln, and with Jackie Robinson, and the coal mine and the history, it’s like it was hard to take in that we are actually part of all that. We’re a part of history. And we’ve never really taken that on. It’s just been family,” said Sharrie Williams.

The mural is on the wall of a building adjacent to property owned by the city at 115 East Main Street, which is slated to be developed into a public park within the next few years.