Mayor Winnecke Speaks At Rotary Club For State Of The City Address


Mayor Lloyd Winnecke started off the State of the City speech highlighting the positives including the IU Medical School. 

“The addition of the IU medical school in downtown Evansville will be transformative. Transformative from about anyway you measure it. From an education standpoint we’ll be building a pipeline of new health care professionals. Indiana, like a lot of states and Evansville like a lot of cities is seeing a growing shortage of health care professionals,” said Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke.

Mayor Winnecke says last year the city spent five million dollars less than budget. But Third Ward City Council Member Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley says that money never existed.

“That money wasn’t spent because it doesn’t exist, it didn’t come in. Our revenue was that five million that was a shortage in revenue so it wasn’t there to spend,” said Third Ward City Council Member Stephanie Brinkerhoff-Riley.  

Brinkerhoff-Riley says the Winnecke Administration and City Council don’t always see eye to eye.

“Where we have struggled to get along has been on the financial side,” said Brinkerhoff-Riley

Money is always a factor when looking at the future.

“I was disappointed to see Roberts Park up there again. We clearly don’t have the money to take on a ten million dollar project,” said Brinkerhoff-Riley.  

With mostly highlighting the positives, the Mayor does discuss a challenge Evansville will face.

“In the relatively near future, the city is going to have to make some serious decisions about the investment in the water and sewer utility just to guarantee the long term viability of the utility for future generations,” said Winnecke. 

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