Mesker Park Zoo Brings New Additions this Spring

Spring brings a couple of new animals to the Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

Eyewitness News gets to catch up with Fong, the Malayan sun bear, otherwise known as the “honeybear”. While he has only been there a couple of weeks, Fong has already made himself at home. 

“Fawn is quite the hit around here since being introduced a few weeks ago,” said Mesker Park Zoo Marketing Director Abigail Adler. “He is the first bear to call Mesker Park Zoo and Botanical Gardens home since 1994. He is the smallest of the 8 species of bear and his zookeepers have done a great job of getting him acclimated to his new home.” 

Fong isn’t the only new animal on display with a visit to the zoo you will also see these guys. They’re called klipspringers. 

And a baby colobus, which is a black and white monkey. Eyewitness News was unable to get any video of him because he was hiding the entire time.

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