Michael Gann Appears in Court

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA — Almost three weeks since the fatal accident on University Parkway took the life of Reitz student Logan Brown, the man accused of driving drunk and causing the accident was in court for the first time.

Michael Gann, 38, of Evansville was also seriously injured in the crash. He was released from the hospital today and was served an arrest warrant. He turned himself into the Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office.

“I’m not speaking from a medical position, but he has a fairly significant lower body injury,” Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said. “He came into our jail on crutches today.”

Gann was wheeled into a packed courtroom filled with family and friends of Brown and his two classmates Thursday afternoon. The judge read Gann his rights and his charges, which include driving drunk and causing death and serious injury. He is also being charged with leaving the scene of an accident for the hit-and-run captured on film before the fatal crash.

Gann is now under house arrest with electronic monitoring. He will only be allowed to leave his home for medical reasons and court appointments. Gann will also be tested for alcohol with a breathalyzer three times a day.

“I do think the electronic monitoring is the most appropriate way to keep track of him,” Vanderburgh County Prosecutor Nick Hermann said. “If you put him in something like the community corrections or something like that, where he’s allowed to leave after a period of time, you don’t know where he is, you don’t know what’s going on.”

“I’m glad the courts and prosecutor agreed to that,” Wedding said. “Sometimes a person with that type of injury in our jail could cause us some liabilities.”

Gann’s attorney requested that Gann be allowed to attend church on Sundays, but that was denied by the judge.

The tragedy is a harsh reminder of the dangers of drinking and driving, but according to Wedding, people still are not getting the message.

“In light of what happened, with all the publicity going on where a person’s been killed by a person who’s grossly intoxicated, we’ve worked four DUI crashes that have resulted in injury just since Saturday,” he said.

If he is found guilty, Gann could face up to 17 years in jail. His next court date is scheduled for June 8th.

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