Micro Chipping Pets for 4th of July


The Fourth of July is a day of celebration, but what we use to celebrate our nation’s birthday can cause problems for pets.

Our furry friends might run away after hearing crackles, pops and booms on the summer holiday,

Amanda Coburn says,”It’s important to remember on the fourth of July to keep your pets inside away from the fireworks and loud noises because it does scare them, even if it hasn’t scared them in the past you just never know.

If your pet takes off when it hears a big ka-boom, it could end up far from home, but micro-chip implants could make the difference in bringing Fido back home.

Amanda Coburn says,”Micro chips are a permanent form of identification. You know you can always put a collar on them but those are only temporary.”

The Vanderburgh County Humane Society says it’s important to get your dogs or cats chipped before the fourth. That way if they do run off you have a better chance of finding them.

Amanda Coburn says, “We will scan that dog for a micro chip and if it does have one the chip number will pop up on the scanner.”

The Vanderburgh County Humane Society says its phone rings off the hook after July Fourth, taking in three times the normal calls for lost pets.

VHS says it can chip any dog or cat for twenty-five dollars on Saturdays.

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