Months after bridge closure, Nortonville residents raise concerns


For two months, a widely used bridge in Nortonville in Hopkins County has been closed due to safety concerns.

Since then, some residents affected by the closing ask about detour safety and who will be responsible for repairs.

For the past few months, the signs and guardrails kept traffic off the New Salem Circle Overpass.

“We’re having to travel an extra mile, mile and a half,” says Roger Hunter, who is one of those using those detours from his home. He says some roads people used aren’t built to handle the detoured traffic.

“There was a home owner there last night, said they had to replace their mailbox just to get by. People can’t get by his mailbox, much less his driveway, without hitting it over,” he says.

“There just ain’t enough room for all the traffic to come through,” adds Wayne Carlton, who lives on New Salem Circle.

Bridge inspectors cited the critical condition of the structure for their reason to close it this past December. It happened while CSX workers were installing new train tracks under the bridge. Some residents want to know who will take responsibility for fixing the bridge.

“We don’t know where to go, we don’t know where to stand because no one will give us any answers, or at least a plan, got nothing,” Hunter says.

“I don’t know if the city is supposed to be taking care of the bridge or if it’s the county, or what,” adds Carlton

Nortonville Mayor C.T. Sturt says no determination’s been made yet on who is responsible for bridge repairs. A CSX spokesperson says the company’s talked with the city and state officials and once all documents are provided, then they’ll support the city and state on repairs. Mayor Sturt also says she’s unsure when the bridge will reopen.

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