Evansville, Ind. (WEHT)– Survivors, fighters, and supporters put on their walking shoes for the Susan G. Komen 25th Anniversary More than Pink Walk today. Sheri Romero shared her story before the walk started and says she was diagnosed in 2005.

“I mean you must be strong. I mean, I was not strong in the beginning. I did now who to talk to about it or how to talk about it. But you have to open up and talk,” she says.

Today, Romero is a survivor. She hopes her story gives a sense of comfort to those fighting and fellow survivors, like Lori Pierre.

“It makes a huge difference in your recovery and when you get your diagnoses,” she says.

Pierre was diagnosed with breast cancer on May 31st and had a double mastectomy on July 19th. Now, she is going through the reconstruction process.

“Being a survivor is so emotional and it is not anything you ever expect,” she says.

Linda Shekell is also a survivor. She was diagnosed earlier this year through a mammogram. She says walking alongside fellow fighters and survivors lifts her spirits.

“It is nice to be there and see other people who have been through it as well, and to have the support of the community and good friends. It makes you feel so much better, and it makes it easier to go through,” she says.

All proceeds form the walk goes towards Komen’s mission to fund support for those currently fighting breast cancer, research for better treatments, and ultimately, a cure.