August 1st, 1992 is a day Cricket Lohr will never forget. Its been almost 25 years since her daughter Tammy Lohr was found murdered in her east side Evansville home.

Patrick Bradford, who was an Evansville police officer at the time, was convicted of murder. Cricket Lohr is now trying to help other grieving parents in the Tri-State who have lost children under any circumstance.

Tammy Lohr was just 24 years old when she was stabbed to death and part of her home was set on fire.

For her mother, Cricket Lohr, there is something in her heart that tells her to help other grieving parents.

“To be honest Tammy came to me and told me to start a support class,” said Cricket Lohr. “She told me, mom I’m doing really good, I’m in a beautiful place and I want you to go help other people because I know you can do it.”

Cricket Lohr started a support group but after two years the group stopped meeting when the Lohr family moved to Illinois several years. But three years ago, Cricket and her son moved back to Evansville. She started the group again after a local mother called for help.

“She also lost a son and she wanted to go to a support class, she needed some help and I told her I’ll see if I can get something going,” said Lohr.

The Tri-State support class will meet once a month and help with the grieving process along with getting to know other parents going through the pain of loss.

“Anybody that wants to talk go ahead and talk and anyone who isn’t ready that is okay just sit and listen and observe,” said Cricket.

Cricket says that support groups like these have helped her even though dealing with loss of a child is a wound that never heals.

“We’ve never had closer, and that is hard to deal with,” said Cricket. “I can remember the first year at Christmas I still bought Tammy presents, that makes it hard.”

But through the hard times, Cricket says its made her want to help other parents. “It got me closer to other people and finding out the issues and the problems they were going though and the grief and the stress, there is a lot of stress,” said Cricket.