A Morganfield woman is demanding change after a December 2020 crash on U..S Highway 60 took her son’s life.

23-year-old Christian Flint had just gotten off work and was driving home to Morganfield when he was involved in a three vehicle crash near Henderson Community College in December 2020. Flint died from his injuries — leading his mother to try and take action.

“There’s no signage, there’s no lighting there, there’s nothing for other people. I’ve been working for two years just for this,” says Christie Lee, Flint’s mother.

Lee says she has been in contact with several lawmakers who have acknowledged her concerns.
She hopes that signs will be placed warning of the change from a 4-lane to a 2-lane highway — or a flashing yield light to remind people to slow down.

“I’ve already got a hold of people about the Highway, and they agree there needs to be signage. I want this to help other people. This could happen to someone else’s family and I don’t want them to go through what I went through,” says Lee.

Lee says she will continue working to bring awareness and contacting officials until the changes are made.