Mt. Vernon, Ind. (WEHT) — A Mount Vernon family is waiting for a miracle match.

Dalton Pfeiffer has suffered from a severe kidney illness and has been on the waiting list for a new kidney for three years. His journey started almost six years ago when Dalton went in for a jaw surgery. But doctors noticed something was off.

“The only symptom I had was foamy urine. That was the only symptom. And I just brushed off,” he said.

Dalton thought it could be something he ate. But further tests revealed he has Stage 5 chronic kidney disease.

“After they found it, they gave me medicine to keep my kidneys going as long as they could and I think I was able to go a while before needing the dialysis treatments,” Dalton said.

Now, Dalton does what he can, doing what he loves — working on the family farm.

“I like to farm and that is what I like to do, so I guess that is what keeps me going,” he said.

But after farming, Dalton goes on dialysis every night.

“I hook up to a machine called the cycler. It circulates sugar water into my stomach area and flushes the toxins out. I do it when I’m sleeping,” he said.

Due to his illness, there are limitations.

“Somedays, I may run out of energy and get tired,” he said.

His family helps him carry the load.

“I wind up having to do a lot of the lifting that has to be done because he can’t do it,” said Richard Pfeiffer, Dalton’s dad.

Dalton has been waiting for the miracle match for three years and is still waiting.

“You keep the phone with you because you never know when you are going to get that call,” said Debbie Pfeiffer, Dalton’s mom.

“Yeah, if I get the call, I have to literally drop everything I’m doing and go. They say to have a go bag ready just in case they call. If I’m farming, I’m just going to have to shut off the tractor and go,” Dalton said.

According to the National Kidney Foundation, the average wait time for a transplant is over three and a half years.

“Hopefully I get a kidney one of these days and have a normal life,” Dalton said.