Muhlenberg Co. Company Honored for A Million Safe Working Hours

Anything can happen in an hour, but one Muhlenberg County company is honored for something that hasn’t happened in a million hours.  Explosives maker Dyno Nobel receives the Governor’s Safety and Health Award for going that long  without a work place injury.

Making explosives is a dangerous job.

“Safety is our main focus,” says Jim Jarvis, Dyno Nobel plant manager.

The focus on safety is what’s kept the Dyno Nobel plant near Graham out of danger.

“For having about 70 employees, that’s pretty rare,” says Kentucky Labor Cabinet Deputy Secretary Rocky Comito.

The company is one of few to get the state’s safety and health award for a million hours without a lost time incident. That’s nearly 2,600 days, more than seven years since the last one.

“Happened on February 20th, seven years ago,” Jarvis says.

Plant manager Jim Jarvis says they stay safe through daily and weekly reviews, observation, and watching out for everything.

“We have daily safe start meetings. We do weekly all hands meetings. We do safety lunches with all the people,” he says. “We do something called SAOs, which is Safe, Act, Observation, where each person has to watch another person work and record what they’re doing, the safe actions and unsafe parts.”

 Comito says the milestone’s impressive for a company handling and working with volatile stuff.

“I was really amazed at how many mechanical parts are moving on the machinery. Which means the more parts that are moving, the more opportunity for injury,” he adds.

“It makes you sleep good at night, knowing that all of our employees know how to be safe, and are safe, and we’re not getting anyone hurt,” Jarvis says.

As for the last time someone got hurt, that was more than seven years ago when an employee slipped and fell on some ice hurting their back in the parking lot.

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