Muhlenberg County officials hear community members; vote on Patriots Rally


GREENVILLE, KENTUCKY (WEHT)– Two unrelated events are set to take place as we reflect on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 more than two months away. Muhlenberg Remembers, hosted by Greenville Tourism, is set to take place September 7-11. Part of this event is holding a Tunnel to Towers 5K Run and Walk.

But county leaders said another event is unfolding for that same time frame, a Patriots Rally, reportedly with Conservative Brad Barton sponsoring. The idea is that organizers want to rent the Ag and Convention center. That brought discussion and a call to vote for approval upon these officials.

This was approved with a 4-1 vote at the courthouse Thursday. County magistrate district 2 Darrin Benton said the call for this approval did stem from the idea to maintain freedom of speech rights.

“I feel like that was very important today to be able to honor the constitution because we as elected officials took a vow to do that,” Benton said.

Eyewitness News talked to the one magistrate who was not for this, Malcolm West. West said he’s not against the event, he’s just not sure logistically how this rally will play into effect safely with another event already scheduled.

“55,000 people may be coming to Muhlenberg County with another event we have going on and we’re a county of almost 30,000 people so we’re almost doubling our population,” West said.

Judge Executive Curtis McGehee said they’ve been working with law enforcement to work out a plan for everything to go smoothly.

“I’m confident that our law enforcement and first responders of our community will do a good job in taking care of that,” McGehee said.

County officials told Eyewitness News they’re not sure where tickets are being sold for the rally, nor are they sure on pricing for the event.

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