GREENVILLE, KY (WEHT)– Muhlenberg Remembers, a yearly event held in the Greenville area, was kicked off with a concert featuring Andy Griggs and other performers.

“It is very meaningful to us- this is something that we have had so many people come out and they just say thank you,” Sabrina Scott, Greenville Tourism Commission Chairman, said.

“We all hated what happened but I have never seen the United States more United and more brotherhood and sisterhood than what 9/11 has made us,” Griggs said.

But this isn’t the only event taking place over the weekend. A We The People Reunion hosted by Brad Barton will also take place. It’s a three day event taking place at the Ag and Convention Center in the county. It’s a separate event from Muhlenberg Remembers- which will also run through Saturday the 11th.

“Yeah it’s a lot of teamwork, a lot of planning. We’ve been planning this for several months- a lot of officers together, fire department, ems, emergency management, we’re all working together to keep an eye on everything,” sgt. Wes Miller with Greenville Police said.