Murder Trial Witness Says She’s Being Punished for “Doing the Right Thing”

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One of the witnesses who took the stand today to testify against Christopher Bell was the mother of his children, Angie Mueller.  She is also the sister of convicted murder, Ted Mueller, Jr.  Bell is accused in the September murder of Cedric Watt, after Watt was killed on W. Delaware St. during a drug deal. Mueller Jr. was previously convicted of murder in the case and sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Last night, police say Angie Mueller received a major scare when Quinton Jennings kicked in her door and threatened her.  EPD says Jennings told Mueller he was a police officer, then pushed the door at her home on Governor St. Police say he punched her, held her at knife point, and threatened her not to show up in court today.

Several neighbors heard the attack and came to Mueller’s defense. Police say they are not sure what relationship there might be between Jennings and Bell.

Mueller says this murder trial has been hard on her family. She says when she was in court today, Child Protective Services came to her house and took her two children.

Mueller says this is the third time Child Protective Services has taken her 3-year-old and 1-year-old since the murder investigation begin back in September. She believes she is being punished for testifying in court.

“It’s so much craziness,” said Mueller. “And I feel like because I’m doing the right thing, I know right from wrong, that I’m getting punished by them keep on taking my kids from me doing the right thing.”

Mueller says Child Protective Services did not tell her when or if she will get her children back.

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