NASA administrator gives lawmakers plan for winning new space race


Fifty years after the US landed men on the moon and won the Space Race with the Soviet Union, it’s on again.

And there are new competitors – China, Europe, even Iran and North Korea have joined Russia in the competition.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is giving lawmakers his plan for winning the new space race.

Part of NASA’s strategy to win the new space race is with the most powerful rocket ever built.

“It’s bigger than the statue of liberty with a ferrying space that can put really big objects into space.” 

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine says the plan is to eventually fly astronauts into deep space, including Mars.

Testing is currently taking place at the Stennis Space Center in Senator Roger Wicker’s home state of Mississippi.

“Were in a new space race. This one is different from the one America won 50 years ago.”

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine also told a Senate panel on Wednesday that NASA plans to return astronauts to the moon.

“With landers and rovers and robots and humans with more access to more parts of the moon than ever before.” 

Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee focused on the importance of space to American Communications Networks that fuel the economy.

“But space officials also faced tough questions. NASA’s deep space rocket was supposed to take a test run around the moon next year.”

Bridenstine announced Wednesday that’s likely going to be delayed.

Senators are also concerned about funding for NASA in the president’s budget released this week.

“The administration’s proposed budget cuts are concerning on a number of fronts seems to cut some of the very programs that we need to keep this leadership.”

That includes ending funding for the International Space Station by 2025, while space competitors like China are increasing their investigation in space exploration.

Still, Bridenstine says he’s certain the US has the vision, and a plan to ensure American leadership in space.

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(This story was originally published on March 13, 2019)

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